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Since 1985, Prothec System has established its reputation as the technological leader in the manufacture of biodegradable ties.

Prothec System ties, designed for tying and trellising vines, can also be used for trellising other types of plants: apple trees, pear trees, tomatoes, raspberries, redcurrants, kiwi fruit, lemon trees, etc.

The essential product for any farmer concerned in making pruning and harvesting easier, while reducing costs :

between 8 months and 3 years, since protecting the environment is one of our top priorities.
different strengths designed precisely for different uses.
the width of the tie and expandable embossed finish are designed to secure the plants without girdling them.
thanks to the Prothec System pliers, which tie and cut at the same time. Saves time and ensures consistent tying quality. Can be used in all weather conditions.
350 m are large enough to enable you to work long periods of time without having to constantly replace the spools.
Prothec System ties have a soft surface which protects the plants and the user's hands.


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